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This home page has received an award. Yes, this home page was the Bangkok Post's “Internet Site of the Week.” The article that the Post wrote about the site is belowl. Every Wednesday you can read all about developments in the computer world in the Bangkok Post's excellent database section.


Internet Site of the Week

Convergence around digital technology is one of the fundamentals of our time, and digital imaging is at the heart of a vortex of colliding technologies _ video and still photography, text and image editing, audio mixing and editing, Internet publishing, and so on.

Today, anyone can buy a relatively inexpensive digital video camera and they can then edit their own videos on a home PC before creating a VCD disk (that costs less than 20 baht) _ or put a version of that video up on the web for others to download and enjoy.

Of course, there is a learning curve involved, but if anyone finds this idea intriguing, then they should pay a visit to Thomas Riddle's web site at, where there are digital still and videos to be viewed or downloaded, along with a good frequently asked questions section about digital video-making.

The site is also worth visiting for an excellent collection of panoramic views of Bangkok taken from the 84th floor of the Baiyoke Tower, as well as for some engaging contrasts of Ratchada Pisek Road by night and by day. There are fine traditional Thai themes you can download as Windows wallpaper, too.

It's a well put-together web site, but the creation of a professional-looking home-made video is within the reach of any enthusiast with the time to spare and the flair for this, while the technology is now available to all _ including the ability to showcase the work to the world on the web. See if it isn't. _ Tony Waltham