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A far as I know , I'm the first person to make a make music video on the Bangkok Skytrian platform (I wrote the company to get a permit to film.) Featuring the fantastic dancing of Lorna and music by Dire Straights, you won't be seeing this on MTV. My Thai neighbor, here in Bangkok, watched this and asked me if she could see my dancing doll. I didn't have the heart to tell her that lovely Lorna only exists in Adobe After Effects

In Northern Laos water buffaloe are still a vital part of the live of most farming communities. (In Thailand tractors have replaced most buffaloe in the last 30 years.)

In the Amazon area of Peru I had the opportunity to spend two weeks with Don Rober, a auyahuasca shaman. At 69 he has a tremendous lightness of being. One day, in the forest he demonstrated his bird calling ability.


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FAQ, frequently asked questions about movie making and the life of a computer consultant.