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The Ratchada Tour
produced in 2001 by Tom Riddle

Take the Ratchada Tour. the tour I take you up the busy Ratchada Road to show you the glitter of the night life. Between the glitter you'll find a range of quotes designed to add some intellectual depth to the hypnotic neon and breast implants.

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Scenes from the show presented at a higher resolution than I was able give you on the tour, think of these pictures as moving works of art.
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Love Club (83 K)

Emmanuel (53 k)

Subway (155)

Nadia(137 k)

Caesars (233 k)

Caesars (92 k)

Subway (155 k)

Traffic (104 k)


There are also stills from this part of town featuring
the bars for motorcycle taxi drivers, beggars, vendors, lady-boys, and more neon!