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This interdenominational school provides free education to about 560 children, half of whom are girls. Founded by Buddhist pilgrims,
it is funded solely by donations.


In 2010, I made a longer video about the school.

Once a year the students present a

Cultural Performance.

You can see four videos from the 2013 show.

PV school at


PV school area

Every year the school presents a cultural presentation.
Here you will find 39 still pictures from the 2010 cultural presentation.
dancers dancers dancers dance

beggarI also took pictures of beggars when I was in Bodh Gaya that can also be used to help the poor of Bodh Gaya. On the Tom Riddle Youtube page, there are movies showing life in the village, ceremonies around the Mahabodhi Stupa park, and, of course, the movie about Bodh Gaya and the Prajna Vihar School.

If you would like to donate, there are many ways that you can do so.

Australia with book (here you can also find more interesting information about the school)


Prajna Vihar School
c/o Lord Abbot
Burmese Vihara
Bodh Gaya
Bihar, 824231


Felix Helg

Funds can be transferred to this bank account:

Postkonto: 85-1911-4
Schule Bodhgaya, Felix Helg
CH-8500 Frauenfeld

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United Kingdom

For further information about the school:

Christopher Titmuss
7 Denys Road Totnes
Devon TQ9 5TJ England

You can e-mail Christopher at:

You can also see:

To transfer donations
direct to the school's
bank account in England:

Pragya Vihar School
Account number 94580049
Sort Code 60 21 48
National Westminster Bank
9 Fore Street
Devon, TQ9 5DB

school kidPeople can post a donation in the form of a cheque in any currency to Christopher Titmuss to his home address (above). Please make the cheque payable to the Pragya Vihar School. Christopher will pay the cheque into the school account or donors can transfer money directly to the school account from their bank

To send a donation directly by Paypal, please visit

United States of America

One World Children's Fund
Donations using this fund are generally tax-deductible in the US.

From other places:

Funds can be sent or transferred to accounts in any of the countries above. International cheques are easier to process when made out in the currency of the receiving country.

school kid


May all children be safe from harm,
may they develop their full potential,
may they be happy.

You can e-mail the movie maker, or look at his home page,